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Starting to write a bit.
I’ve never really considered myself carrying the title of a writer. I was an engineering major, meaning, I can count the number of college essays I had to write on one hand. Regardless of that, there are a lot of random thoughts that float around up in my dome that could use further exploration.
I built this blog to analyze those thoughts, give me a website to iteratively create, post some photos, etc. I’ll probably run into more things to add to it on the way.
I don’t have much of a goal for the amount I’m going to post, so it could be weekly / monthly / yearly. There’s no real niche I’m striving for either – it might be computers, a sportsball game, a major life event, hip-hop – whatever it may be, read it, or don’t. It’s just as much as it is for me, as it is for everyone else.
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